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Patches There are 210 products.

100% high quality embroidered military, airsoft and police patches, badges and emblems.


Flag Patches

Embroidered Flag Patches of international flags, military flags and more

US Army

United States Army embroidered Patches, badges and emblems

Spanish Armed Forces

Patches, badges and emblems of the Spanish Armed Forces


Patches, badges and emblems Airsoft, Morale and others.

GX - Glow in the Dark

Patches manufactured by M1Tactic with the ability of luminescence in the dark to provide a visual aid in dark territory.

Infrared - IR

All our IR - infrared patches are manufactured in Spain with specifications of strength, material and military quality according to the Department of Defense of the United States. The IR patches are finished with the VELCRO® brand system. Infrared patches provide covert identification in the military field. Through a night vision equipment these patches have the ability to reflect light and allow to identify a friend or enemy.

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